About the artist

Christine Reilly Artist

Christine Reilly is a respected and imaginative Queensland artist with nearly 30 years experience both in-front and behind the canvas. Interested in art and design from childhood (redecorating her room at every opportunity), Chris began painting in her twenties and went on to teach art and co-own Dabbles on Days and Nakina Fine Art Galleries.

Stepping back from the gallery to concentrate on expanding her own painting style, she found inspiration everywhere; so her work demonstrates a long-held love of travel, people-watching, local city scenes and beachscapes. It chronicles not only the progression of her subjects and style but also her own journey as an artist and woman.

“My paintings will take you on a journey across the figurative, from my interpretation of vibrant European scenes to evocative images closer to home. I strive to portray all of my characters with colour and movement- making them come alive on the canvas.”

“The idea is the important thing- the struggle, excitement, energy (and turps fumes) which are so much a part of painting can be intoxicating. Some subjects become favourites, adding to my personal language and allowing me to indulge in the sheer pleasure of creating.”

Chris is a featured artist at major art shows across QLD and NSW. She has held a number of solo sell-out exhibitions, most notably at Red Hill Gallery and The Manly Gallery.

She has also produced a collection of seven limited edition prints from which John Sands (Aust. and NZ) and Cardsharp created a successful series of greeting cards.

She is represented widely in private and corporate collections both in Australia and overseas with her original paintings and her in-demand commissioned work.

Chris’ work can currently be seen at Red Hill Gallery.

Chris creates from her studio under the jacarandas in Brisbane. Visit www.christinereillyartist.com.au or Facebook- Christine Reilly Artist to keep up with her latest news and paintings.